How to buy a guitar
In the Configurator (Design your guitar) of my homepage you have the opportunity to inform yourself and make a first choice to design your dream guitar. The more you know what you want, the more time there is to talk about the essential things.
A personal conversation with Daniel Zucali in the studio is the best condition to design together your guitar, adapted to your needs. If this is not possible ... the second choice is an online meeting. As soon as your guitar is finished, the first payment on account is due with the order acceptance as order confirmation.
Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
William A. Foster
Terms of payment
Payment is always in EUR. All fees (exchange rate, transaction fees, etc.), if any, are to be paid by the buyer.

first partial invoice:
10% of the purchase price is payable upon order acceptance.

second partial invoice:
Before starting the work on the ordered guitar, another 40% of the purchase price is to be paid. DANIEL ZUCALI will notify this date in writing, email is sufficient.

Final invoice:
Before handing over the ordered guitar, the remaining 50% of the purchase price is to be paid.
Country of payment
Customers from the EU: Customers who pick up the guitar at Daniel Zucali's studio pay the VAT due in Austria, which is included in the invoice. As well as all private buyers who receive the guitar within the EU.

Customers from a third country: Customers who pick up the guitar at my studio and export the instrument to a third country also pay the VAT due in Austria, which is included in the invoice. When importing the guitar into a third country, the customer receives an export certificate. As soon as this is sent to Daniel Zucali, he can pay back the VAT withheld. The resulting costs will be borne by the buyer. Buyers who agree with Daniel Zucali on shipment to a third country will receive an invoice excluding the VAT payable in Austria. The export certificate will be issued by the forwarding agent and handed over directly to Daniel Zucali. Packing and shipping will be charged extra.
Purchase cancellation
Persons are entitled to withdraw from the purchase up to two weeks after delivery of the ordered Private guitar. A guitar that shows damages such as scratches or dents cannot be taken back, unless there is a case of warranty.

  • If the written notice of withdrawal of the buyer is received before the beginning of the work on the ordered guitar, i.e. before the sending of the second partial invoice, 10% of the purchase price will be retained by DANIEL ZUCALI.

  • If the buyer withdraws from the contract after the beginning of the work, 35% of the purchase price will be retained by DANIEL ZUCALI.
    This applies exclusively to standard instruments and not to custom-made instruments!
  • The guitar will be handed over at a mutually agreed date in the studio of DANIEL ZUCALI.

  • If not offered separately, the prices do not include a case. However, I will be happy to help you find the right case for your needs.

  • Shipping or delivery to another location must be arranged separately. The resulting costs will be charged extra to the buyer.
Wood is a living material. This means that the instruments develop differently over time and deform minimally.
Within the first months, especially the string action changes, which can be readjusted by Daniel Zucali in his workshop free of charge during the first two years.

Please note that wood is very sensitive to variations in relative humidity (and temperature). If the relative humidity drops significantly below 50%, damage to the instrument is to be expected! High temperatures in combination with humidity dissolve the glues, the wood works ... damage to the instrument is to be expected.

Please make sure that the instrument is always stored in the range of 55% to 65% and if possible at room temperature.