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Santino QB 1860
Santino QB 1860
Santino Sapt
Santino QB 7
Santino 10-String
Terz LIGITA 2015
Santino M.C. Aigner 2013
Santino 9-String
Santino Prim
Santino Terz
Santino Quintbass
Sentiago Terz
Translation of the quote:

“A fine instrument gives its best; this one will make you give your best too.”

Unimagined sound experience paired with extravagant design
This extraordinary instrument, which I also frequently build as an octave, terz, quint bass, bass or multi string guitar, has a robust, stage-ready design and assertiveness. This guitar presents itself unusual and individual in its sound.

The prototype of the Santino family of guitars accompanied my wife and me in early 2005 on our 1600 km pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. I had made it especially for this journey. It needed to be small, handy and robust, which is why I decided to build a terz guitar. In order not to reduce the vibrating soundboard surface, I moved the soundhole near the basses next to the fretboard.

This family of guitars bears the proud name of my second son.

Equipped with tuners by Rubner, a matt lacquered surface and a simple build, the Santino is one of my lower-priced models starting at EUR 3,500.
Additional information available upon request.
... Un bon instrument donne le meilleur qu'il a, celui-ci vous fera donner le meilleur de vous ...
Bob Bonastre